Official fan groups

Are you a Kelly Oram Super Fan? 

I now have a couple of official fan groups online. I have no idea what we'll do there. Probably discuss books and book boyfriends mostly, but I will probably depend on my super fans to help me promote my books when they're released, and I'll definitely give them special perks. (Oh yeah, I will totally play favorites.) My super fans will probably get exclusive bonus features, sneak peeks, and giveaways. I'll probably do things like cover weigh-ins, get suggestions for character names/traits, or occasional maybe do Skype chats. I dunno, we'll get creative.  :) 

If you'd like to join Kelly Oram fangirl(or boy)land, join me on Facebook or Goodreads or both!

I'm also an active member of Club YA. We have a blast over there, and there is almost always a giveaway or a release going on from one of our authors. It's a FABULOUS group. Come Join us!

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