Monday, March 10, 2014

A is for Abstinence Preview

Congratulations again to KYLE HAMILTON for winning the battle of the book boyfriends! As promised, here is part of the novella--soon to be full length novel, A is for Abstinence. It's 20 pages long and has not been edited, so forgive any typos and whatnot.

This preview is part of what I wrote with a novella in mind before I decided to turn it into a full novel. Consequently, it is all subject to change for the novel or even be deleted entirely. (But that would just mean even more for you to read, right?) Anyway, enjoy! Hope this gets you super psyched for the novel and helps make the wait more bearable.

This is a preview for a SEQUEL. If you haven't read V is for Virgin, I suggest you do so before reading this excerpt as it is spoiler central and will give away the end of the book!!!

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