Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sort of like riding a bike...

“She threaten to end your life yet if you hurt Becky?”

Teddy threw his head back and released a loud bellowing laugh.

“Am I really so predictable?” I grumbled.

Ryan kissed the frown off my face. “Only when it comes to your temper,” he promised, extending his hand to Teddy one more time. “Word of advice? Don’t disappoint Jamie. It can be hazardous to your health.”

“Speaking from experience?” Teddy asked.

Ryan laughed. “Hardly. Jamie’s way to smitten to ever be disappointed in anything I do.”

“Smitten?” I asked dryly.  

“Yeah, you know, besotted? Infatuated? Obsessed? Head over heels in love with me?”

“Like you are with yourself?” I deadpanned, but I laughed despite myself.

Ryan grinned. “There’s the smile I’ve been waiting for. I knew you had one in you somewhere.”
I gave up and wrapped my arms around Ryan’s waist like the smitten girlfriend that I was. “I love you.”


Oh, Jamie and Ryan, how I've missed you guys!

It's been what, a good three years since I've spent any real time in the world of Jamie Baker? And I've written what, four and a half novels since finishing that manuscript?

I'm finding the experience very interesting. It feels like meeting up with an old friend you used to know everything about. A little awkward at first, but the more time we spend together the more we fall into our old routine. 

I am going to have to go back and read Being Jamie Baker again though before I write any more because I wrote so many drafts of Jamie that I honestly can't remember everything that ended up in the final version. Not to mention Ryan keeps wanting to act like Russ Devereaux. (The sarcastic, unruly, slightly devious warlock in my supernatural series.) While both boys are equally in love with themselves Ryan is way to sweet to be Russ.

So, this is me putting aside Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series to re-read Being Jamie Baker. Also, this is not an attempt to avoid actually writing. I swear. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Vote for the Being Jamie Baker scene you want to read from Ryan's perspective.

Want to know what Ryan Miller was thinking during your favorite Being Jamie Baker scene? Here's your chance!

In preparation for the upcoming sequels, Bluefields Entertainment will be releasing a second edition of Being Jamie Baker within the next few months. (ebook only) This new edition will have a new cover that will correspond with the following two books as well as some bonus material.

The book will include the fist chapter of Chameleon (the first book in my Supernaturals series, set to release June 2013), as well as a couple of Being Jamie Baker scenes told from Ryan's POV.

Here's the fun part. You get to vote on which scenes from the book you want me to write! Just choose a scene from the poll below. Voting ends 11:59pm September 14th. You can vote for as many as you want but only the top two will make it into the book. (If your favorite starts to fall behind, feel free to try and convince your friends that they need to vote for your favorite too. ;P )

Which scene from Being Jamie Baker would you like to read from Ryan' POV?

Happy voting! Also, if you're feeling awesome, help spread the word on twitter! I've made it easy for you. All you have to do is click this button...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Being Jamie Baker sequel?!?!

Hey everyone! I've been pretty slow with the blogging the last couple months. (As usual.) However I thought I would take a minute to answer the question I get most often--will there ever be a sequel to Being Jamie Baker?

Originally I had planned Being Jamie Baker as the first in a trilogy, but I never got around to writing the second and third books. (See my blog entry about Sequelphobia!) However, it is my pleasure to announce that yes, after years of waiting there will be two more Jamie Baker books!

The Books in the Jamie Baker series:

Being Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker Book 1)
More Than Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker book 2)
Remember Jamie Baker  (Jamie Baker book 3)

There is also a possibility of a Ryan Miller novella, but no promises on that one at this time. I suppose it will depend on how the series does, and my own sanity while trying to keep up with my busy schedule. (However I can usually be coerced with enough begging and/or bribed with white chocolate and cupcakes.)

No publication dates are set at this time, but we are hoping to release book two around the end of 2013. The idea is that the Jamie Baker books will offset the releases of my Supernaturals series (A four book paranormal romance series with first book set to release next summer.)

Hopefully this answers your questions! I'll keep you posted on the progress of the books and dates as I get them, and thanks everyone for all the Jamie Love!