Monday, November 22, 2010

Congtrats to this week's winner!

Congratulations go to Tina for being this week's winner.


Age 24
Cainta, Rizal

Tina's Favorite Books: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen & Feed by Mira Grant

Today's winner comes from the Being Jamie Baker page in the wonderful world of Facebook. Haven't heard of Facebook? Then wow, you must live in a cave. Anything so popular there's a movie about it starring Justin Timberlake that's a frontrunner in this year's Oscars is okay by me. And incase you were wondering, no. I am not addicted to Facebook. (I'm also a liar.) So, if you're addicted to Facebook like me, and don't have enough things to "like" yet, I recently had to make a "Kelly Oram" author page because I felt bad that I had to keep denying friend requests of people I don't know. It's brand new and about as popular as tofu popsicles lol so you should go like it and make me feel loved. My goal is to become as popular as this pickel.

Anyway, congrats again Tina! Still one more chance to win! Next week I'll be randomly selecting our last winner from the followers of this very blog. Good luck everyone!