Thursday, January 31, 2013


Lets all take a moment to do a little happy dance because More Than Jamie Baker is finally complete! Yeah! I feel like I can breathe again!

Okay, so it's only an early draft. I gave it to my lovely story editor yesterday so I'm sure I will have to make changes soon enough, but, for now, at least it's written. YAY! Because this manuscript was a PAIN IN MY BUTT. I love how it turned out, though, so bring on those rewrites!

Seriously, I feel fantastic right now. There's not much that's as awesome as finishing a novel. It puts you in a great mood, makes you feel completely rejuvenated, and renews your love for writing. For me, it also makes my head explode with ideas. It's like I put a lock on my brain while I know I'm supposed to be focusing on one specific story, one specific world, or a certain set of characters. Then I finish and that wall comes down. My brain goes crazy, like it's been storing up all these ideas, just waiting for me to give it the green light.

So yesterday I sat down to write something new, just because I was allowed to, and out of nowhere this idea starts screaming at me to write it. When something shouts at you that loudly, you must listen. I obeyed and after only two days I already have 40 pages written! (Say it with me people: AWESOME.)

It is the cutest idea too! I'm so excited and already in love with the characters. This might be one of those spit-it-out-in-a-month jobs. I don't know, we'll see. I'm just so happy to be working on something completely new, because obviously I've known Jamie for years. (Even though it was a new story it sort of felt like "Been there, done that.") Then, before Jamie 2, I had been working on my supernatural series for like a year and a half. Serial Hottie and V were both written before the Supernaturals novels (aside from the rewrites) so it has been a long time since I could just start with a completely blank page.

I think starting from word one with a brand spanking new idea might be my favorite part of the writing process. Right then anything is possible and everything is allowed. There are no expectations. You characters don't have a will of their own yet (because you're still shaping them), and it's all so fresh and exciting and easy. I LOVE IT!

Anyway, back to the story while my babies are taking a nap!
Peace out!

Wow. After rereading this blog post I'm wondering if maybe someone should cut off my caffeine supply...

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