Thursday, October 2, 2014

I had a ball! (literally and figuratively)

Hey everyone! Yesterday was the Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball, and though I was completely exhausted by the end, I had a great time! Since not everyone could go, I thought it would be fun to sort of recap the night.

First of all, I was nearly late for my own party. I had to pick up my kids from school and I cut it a little too close. Then I got stopped by a train on the way. I burst through the door to my house at exactly 3pm and then promptly neglected my children for the rest of the night. (It's a good thing their dad was home.)

The evening started with a walk down the red carpet. We had the fashion show of the century! Everyone looked fabulous! 

This was my dress...

And Julie was the winner of our fashion contest with this beautiful gown...

Brian and Kyle both arrived in style as well. Brian is a big boy and was able to dress himself... 

while Kyle needed a little bit of Val's help. First he tried to come wearing this...

But Val made him change into this...

Thanks Val! Sorry Kyle, but green crushed velvet only gets a man so far, you know?

Author Cassie Mae received an honorable mention when she made a selfless sacrifice to not show up her date by looking too hot. 

Where was Val on this one? ;) 

After the red carpet the guests were announced at the door, and the list was long and distinguished! I dare even the Oscars to have such a star stuttered event! The amazing, beautiful, scrumptious, talented, shiver-inducing Santiago Cabrera was kind enough to escort me. Lucky ME! I fell in love with him when he played Lancelot on Merlin, and he made it a permanent love on his show The Musketeers. Be still my beating heart! And also, he happens to be half Chilean just like Ella!

Some others among the guest list included Chase Crawford, Clive Owen, Henry Cavill, Ian Somerhalder, Channing Tatum Matt Bomer, George Clooney, Logan Lerman, Cris Pine, Theo James, Chris Evans, Captain Hook, Daemon Black, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Knightly, Paul Rudd and many others. Even Toothless flew in from Berk! I think Jensen Ackles won for escorting the most women! He had like six dates! Brittany won our contest for best fantasy date, though, when she showed up with Sam Heughan - the handsome built Scotsman playing Jamie on Outlander! 

The ladies helping me judge the competition had a hard time deciding on only one winner for this competition, but in the end the sexy shirtless man in the kilt with the hot foreign accent won out! Never underestimate the power of the kilt!

From there things got crazy and the rest of the night became a blur. There were authors chatting everywhere and it seemed like every time I blinked there was another giveaway happening!

There was dancing...

There was cake...

and then there wasn't cake...

Author Marissa Meyer showed off her sexy feet...

which caused Author Cindi Madsen to confess to an addiction...

while Author Anne Eliot had panic attacks... (curse those time zones!)

don't worry, Anne is doing better. (We fed her chocolate. It cures all.)

That was exciting, but the real party stopper of the night was when Kyle crashed the ball, making a fashionably late entrance after hijacking my Facebook page.

which caused most of the ladies present to swoon...

unfortunately, with Kyle and Brian's history/rivalry, the night only went downhill from there with more than a few classic moments such as these...

It's called maturity, boys. Honestly!

BUT we managed to save the evening by having an awesome fan art contest, which I will post a separate blog about later, and a truckload of winners!

of course, then I ruined it by attempting to read to you... 

...and I gave a long-winded, boring speech. :)

And that was about it! Hope you enjoyed the ball, whether you were there in person or experiencing it second hand through this very long, picture-heavy blog post! Thanks everyone! Enjoy the new book!!!

Old V is for Virgin interview with the Girls With Glasses

Hey guys! So I was going to add my read-along video to my extras page (which I will do in a moment) but then I came across these and decided to add them as well. :)

Thanks to the lovely Summer and Brooke for having me on the Girls With Glasses show!

Arent Brooke and Summer so adorable?
Click the picture to check out there website and see what they're all about!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Book Birthday Cinder & Ella!! Blog tour kick off and giveaway.

It's finally here!! Woohoo! Download the ebook today at it's release day discounted price of $2.99!

Now Available in paperback and ebook on

Help me celebrate the release and kick off the official blog tour at the 

Games, giveaways, author chats and more!

And the fun continues all month long!
Follow the tour...

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              Not so public library – anuthor interview
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              My Book World – author interview
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  Turning Pages of Fiction – review
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10 – 12  Istyria – review
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10 – 30  The Rest Is StillUnwritten -- teaser excerpt
10 – 31 Paper Cuts – Brian and Ella stop by to chat (argue) Halloween 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jamie 3 on hiatus

To answer all the questions about the Jamie 3 release date, there isn't one right now, and I don't know when that's going to change. I am so sorry, but I'm having problems with the third Jamie book. I love the story, I love the characters, and I know how it all ends. But in the beginning, there were several different ways that the story could play out and I wasn't sure which way was the best. I started with one outline, got about 130 pages written and decided it wasn't working, so I went back to the beginning and tried the next idea... To make a long frustrating story short, I am now on the 8th draft of the book. I have written close to SEVEN HUNDRED PAGES, and I am still only 170 pages into the book. The good news is, I finally, after much trial and error, found a version of the story that I am happy with, and that I think works the best. The bad news is that in this process, I have completely psyched myself out and have stressed so much over it that I'm having a difficult time finishing the book. I've lost my confidence in it.

I feel absolutely terrible, that I've made people wait for this book. I never imagined I'd have this problem because when I wrote Jamie 2, I already had the outline for Jamie three done. I figured it would be like all the other books I've written, and take me maybe 3 months to have a first draft written, but sometimes the plain and simple truth is: what you have planned doesn't always work once you get into it. The original plan I had for Jamie 3 wasn't working. It wasn't good. I could have just finished it anyway and then published it so that people wouldn't have to wait for it. But I felt that was unacceptable. I love Jamie, and I know how much my fans love it. I don't want to mess it up. I don't want to let people down. I want to get it right. I have read way too many series' where I get to the final book and am completely disappointed. I really, really don't want to do that with my own book. I have worked too long and too hard on this series to sell myself short and put something out that I don't fully believe in. And believe me, you guys don't want that from me either. I promise you would rather wait and get a book that you're happy with, than have me rush a release and let you down with the ending of a story that's taken years to get to the end of.

I have been working hard on Jamie 3--stressing over it and agonizing over it for months. I have been losing sleep over it, and have been giving myself migraines over it. This is not writers block. It's some kind of mental, emotional thing. I'm stressed to the max over it, and now it's affecting all of my writing too. I have been having anxiety attacks when I sit down to write because I am so stressed and feel so much pressure. So, as much as I hate to do this, and hate disappoint people, I need to do what is best for me. I need to write Jamie 3 on my own timeframe, and if that includes shelving the project for a few months--or years if that's what it takes--then so be it. I am sorry. I apologize. For now, Jamie 3 is on hiatus. I haven't given up on it completely yet, but I am going to put it aside. I am going to concentrate on finishing my other series' and works in progress, and hope that in taking some time away from it, and clearing some of the other things off my plate, I'll be able to stop stressing so much and find my heart for Jamie again, and feel better about my writing.

To all of you who have sent lovely, nice, encouraging emails concerning Jamie 3, thank you. I'm sorry for the bad news, but I hope this can at least answer your questions on the matter. I appreciate your patience, understanding, support, and love for these books. It's for you guys, (and for myself too) that I don't want to abandon this project. I will continue to try my best to not let you guys down.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Win the Ultimate V is for Virgin Gift Pack! (Kelly Oram fan art contest)

 Enter the Kelly Oram Fan Art Contest and win
The Ultimate V is for Virgin Gift Pack
Includes: signed copy of V is for Virgin
signed copy of A is for Abstinence
signed V is for Virgin poster
signed A is for Abstinence poster
5x7 Kyle Hamilton photo (Signed by Kyle)
V is for Virgin necklace
A is for Abstinence Bracelet
signed bookmarks
*contest is international* ends Oct. 1st*

Awesome giveaway, right? Well, that's because you have to work for this one.
To Win: Enter the Kelly Oram Fan Art Contest by sending in your best fan art! 

What's a ball without a king presiding? Remember when you guys voted Kyle Hamilton as king of the Book Boyfriends during this year's Battle of the Book Boyfriends? How could you NOT remember this...

Well, as your reigning King, Kyle will be attending Cinder & Ella's Book Release Ball. And King Kyle expects his loyal subjects to lay gifts at his feet! In return for your wonderful gifts, you will be entered to win Kyle's Ultimate V is for Virgin Gift Pack.


The Kelly Oram Fan Art Contest is officially part of the Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball. King Kyle will show up at the Ball and post a thread about the contest. Then you guys post the links or pictures of whatever you've created in the comments of the thread. I'll pick one of my favorite entires as the winner at the end of the ball.

If you can't make it to the ball, maybe you don't have Facebook, or you live on the other side of the world and will have a hard time getting there in the right hours... (I'm sad for you and you will be missed!) have no fear, you can still enter the fan art contest by emailing me your entries ahead of time to with the subject: Fan Art Contest. I will accept entries via email from now up until half an hour before the winner is announced. (I'll give a last call in the contest thread and then have myself and a couple friends help me to pick the winner.)

This contest is open internationally and will end at the end of the Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball October 1st. 

You may enter as many times as you like by entering as many different creations as you have the time/energy to create.

This is a KELLY ORAM fan contest. Though Kyle Hamilton is hosting it, you don't have to use V is for Virgin. You can chose any of my books or characters or even me as the subject of your creation. Here are some possible ideas to get you started but if you can think of something not on this list, by all means go for it. The sky's the limit! 

*draw a picture of your favorite KO character/scene/book cover
*create a photo teaser using your favorite KO quote
*write a poem about your favorite character/book/or even about Kelly herself
*write a song a la Kyle Hamilton style
*draw a comic strip of your favorite KO scene (or maybe a Chelsea's Angel comic!)
*write a KO fan fiction story
*create your own Virgin Val jewelry and post a pic of it
*make a KO themed t-shirt and take a selfie of you wearing it
*decorate a cake with a KO theme
*make a KO fan video and post it on youtube
*make a KO book trailer/teaser video
*make a collage of KO quotes
*dress up as Chelsea's Angel and post a pic. (This would also rule for Halloween!)
*post a video or blog post about your ultimate dream cast for your favorite KO book.
*get together with your friends and act out a scene from your favorite KO book, film it and         post it on youtube.  

The possibilities are endless! I LOVE creativity, and I want to see yours! Have fun and good luck!!

Win a Cinder & Ella gift pack!

Woohoo, it's time to give stuff away!  

Enter to win this Cinder & Ella Gift Pack
(now through October 1st)
Signed copy of Cinder & Ella 
two signed signed posters
and bookmarks
*Giveaway is international*

Enter in two easy steps: 
1. Click this link --> Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball
2. Click "join" on the event page

Attend a ball and leave with a prince! This giveaway is exclusive to the Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball attendees. I've put a LOT of time and effort into the release party for my new book Cinder & Ella. I've got all kinds of games/contests and over a dozen giveaways happening that day, and I have eight of my TOTALLY AMAZING author friends stopping by to join in the fun. I really would love a great turnout, so as an incentive/thank-you for you to attend the Ball and partaking of all the awesomeness, I'm giving away a Cinder& Ella gift pack.

To Enter: All you have to do is join the event on Facebook. On the morning of the ball I will choose one winner from the list of people marked as "going." 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cover Reveal--Broken Promise--Jen Wylie

Hey everyone! We all know I don't blog often enough, and I don't pimp out my favorite authors enough on my blog either. So today I'm killing two birds with one blog post. I wanted to help with the cover reveal for Jen Wylie's new book in her Broken Ones series because I just adore this series more than I can tell you.

I'm sure you've heard me gush about Broken Aro and Broken Prince before, well book number 3 in The Broken Ones series, Broken Promise, is almost here! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. The only bad thing about this book releasing is that I'll read it in a matter of hours and then the clock on my wait for the next book will reset. I hate waiting for books. I know that makes me completely hypocritical as I make all of you wait for my books, but I hope that it brings you some comfort to know that, as a reader, I am every bit as tortured as you are in waiting for my favorite books.

All that said, here's all the info for Broken Promise! If you haven't read Jen's other books yet, seriously go read them before Broken Promise comes out so you can get excited with me and chat about the series with me after you've read the book!

A Young Adult Fantasy
(The Broken Ones, #3)
Jen Wylie

Release date: October 7, 2014

A year of turmoil takes its toll on Arowyn Mason and her companions. After delivering the Elven prince to his homeland, they decide to ride out the winter in the city of Westport before starting their quest to heal the Fey. Like most things in Aro’s life, nothing goes according to plan. As Kei struggles with the prophecy bound within him, his sanity begins to unravel. A prophecy and a promise are broken, and forgotten threats resurface with dire consequences. The Dragos is watching and the Were king is displeased with the disregard of Were law. Aro scrambles as yet another threat emerges. The Elves, displeased with their prince, exploit his only weakness…her. Aro is forced to find a new ally, a cold-hearted, ruthless pirate named Roan. He is more than he seems and Aro must learn who she can trust, or it will cost more than just her life. She has grown stronger, but is it enough to save herself, her family, and the Elf she loves?

Jen Wylie resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her two boys, Australian shepherd and a disagreeable amount of wildlife. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold. Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales. Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories.